Workshop Testimonials

When my son was born and we knew that he was going to have a unique life I wondered how i would know how to care for him. It wasn’t like there was a manual or a lot of other parents around me modelling how to solve his unique issues.

I felt so fortunate to discover Feldenkrais (and NeuroMovement) for my son. It changed his life. Someone once told me “it is the most humane way to help my son learn and grow” and I agree.

If you are just joining the world of special needs parenting you are SO fortunate to have Google and FaceBook Groups. Still, even those awesome resources don’t replace having a knowledgeable unbiased person guide you and answer your parenting questions.
Here is an opportunity to meet that person. Judith Dack is one of the most experienced ABM practitioners in the world. As a special needs mom she has had to come up with so many solutions. She is one of the most kind, caring, compassionate people I know AND she has dedicated her life to helping parents know how to help their own children. She knows what you are going through.

You have a chance to attend a very special 2 day workshop that she will be presenting in BC, Canada. (I can’t believe the deal she is giving parents – $300 for TWO days!) Her teaching is clear and concise. It will be an in depth experience where you understand what it is like for your unique child to learn so you can be the best parent you can be to help him/her.
AND a real Bonus! Judith will stay in touch and be available to answer your questions as time goes by. You will have priority in her schedule if you choose to come work with her directly one on one. She will respond personally to your email questions. I have met so many people who disappeared after presenting. I would go home and end up with so many questions and no way to follow up. Judith is available.

Can you tell I know her personally? I am so honored to be her friend and colleague. We have worked side by side for years. That is how I can know the quality she will be presenting in this workshop. If you have to choose where to use your resources this year I recommend this workshop be at the top of your list.

Why sign up??
It’s Neuromovement!
It’s the best deal around
You will develop a valuable resource in Judith Dack
What you learn will be used every single day with your child

— Andrea Bowers

This workshop, even though I travel 1500 km to attend, is a yearly must for me!  Judith is a wealth of knowledge which, she imparts tirelessly and lovingly, creating space for learning.  Her own personal journey with this work gives her precious insight, and her ability to challenge beliefs that no longer serve me, are one of my favourite things about her.  My family’s ABM journey has been one of growth and hope.  However, like anything else in life, you reap what you sow.  There are so many daily competing demands as a parent that often I get lost in the daily grind.  This 2-day workshop allows me to refocus, re-energize, and deepen my knowledge of the 9 essentials.  I never leave, thinking: “what a waste of time!  I already knew all of this!”  Instead, I leave grateful for having shared 2 days with exceptional parents, an exceptional mentor, and renewed enthusiasm for this work and its impact on my whole family! Thanks Jude!  See you in April!

— Jennifer Miller-Poitras

When we learned our son had special needs, we didn’t know which way to turn. We were bewildered and overcome with confusion, and although the future is still unknown, the single thing that has given us the most hope is Neuromovement and the Anat Baniel Method. So much so that I have dedicated my life to practicing this modality for the betterment of my son and others who will benefit from it.

Judith Dack is the preeminent Canadian Practitioner IMHO. She is love personified. Her touch and sense of life is astounding. To have her as a resource is a benefit one should not pass up. If you care about or know someone with special needs you will benefit from this workshop. The work goes well beyond just kids with special needs. It gives dignity to those who don’t yet have a voice as well as those who may have lost theirs. I cannot recommend this training enough. Do it for yourself as well as those you care for.

Alex SenGupta

Judith’s workshop helped me better connect with myself, connect with other parents, and connect with what my daughter experienced during a lesson. I love that the method lives in connecting not fixing my child. Such a powerful distinction!

ABM opened up possibilities where before there were dead ends. I walked away with a lot of hope and a handful of new friends. It was a wonderful weekend of learning, changing, and connecting. 6 months after the workshop, I joined the ABM practitioner training program and graduated in February 2019

Toni Brem

As a parent of a special needs child I am always doing extra work and exercises at home to help my child and looking for more ways to do so. I wanted to take Judith’s workshop in order to become a better resource for my child, and I left with that and so much more.

I have taken Judith’s workshop twice and I would absolutely do it again. Each time my understanding of ABM deepens which enables me to better help my child (on so many levels- physically, emotionally, and socially).

The hands-on tools allow me to confidently do exercises at home and my son loves it- he even asks for it.

Being able to experience what my child feels during and after a lesson was incredibly valuable, not to mention connecting with other parents in the community.

Judith opened me up to ABM and the Nine Essentials, and the influence it has on my son. Her workshops are educational, effective, and inspiring.

— Angela Demeester

I’ve read the book, and my son Luca has been having lessons with Judith for a couple of years now. I’ve seen all positive changes in him.

Intellectually, I could explain it to myself, but to actually feel it, added another dimension and confirmed that what we’ve been doing for Luka all these years is the right way to go.

— Aleksandar Zakonovic