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Movement is the language of the brain – Judith Dack, Canada’s Voice, Winter 2008 volume 7 issue 1 (Download article – PDF)

New Possibilities – Anat Baniel, Massage and Body Work, December/Jan 2007
(Download article – PDF)

Brain-Body Connection: Working To Help Children With Disabilities – Margo A. Charlebois, My Bay, May 2008. (Download article – PDF)

Movement and Learning Based Approach to Working with Scoliosis – Anat Baniel, Cerebral Palsy Magazine, June 2004. (Download article – PDF)

On the use of Ankle-Foot Orthotics with the Child with Cerebral Palsy – Anat Baniel, Cerebral Palsy Magazine, December 2003. (Download article – PDF)

Working with the Whole Body – Anat Baniel and Naomi Liebowitz, Cerebral Palsy Magazine, September 2003. (Download article – PDF)

A new approach to helping children with Cerebral Palsy and other brain related disorders – Anat Baniel, Cerebral Palsy Magazine, June 2003. (Download article – PDF)


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