TestimonialsWhat some people have said about Judith and her treatments …

For over two years, Judith has been working with my family.

Before coming to Judith, my husband was experiencing a deteriorating, disabling, lower back pain. It got to the point where he couldn’t play with the kids. Any miss step in elevation, or even a sudden move, meant severe pain and bed rest. At 39 years old, I was not ready to give him up to a future of acute pain and suffering. After acupuncture, chiropractic and Shiatsu, we found Judith. … my husband is virtually pain free. He now participates fully in our family life.

Both my son and daughter came to Judith for quite different challenges. One child for neurological developmental issues, the other, a connective tissue disorder. Now, 2 years later, they have both made huge progress. Their self awareness and their ability to participate and contribute in the world, is quite remarkably improved. Developmentally, my daughter is much more able to process and output information. Instead of watching the world, she now participates fully in it. Structurally, my son has a clearer sense of his skeleton and how he uses it. His joint and muscle pain is dramatically reduced. He now handles stressful situations with confidence.

We, as a family, are healthier and happier as a result of working with Judith Dack.

Carrie Ahrens

I want to tell everyone the difference that Feldenkrais has made in my life.

I have had a number of car accidents where … someone has rear ended me. The last accident was when someone ran a red light and hit me. While it was not evident at first, I developed serious problems with my neck and back. Eventually I had to give up working because the pain was so severe and the neurological effects of the pressure on my spinal chord forced me to use a wheelchair. I was on a lot of medication and tried every possible medical option available.

After I was told surgery … was not possible I had just about given up. I decided to try some alternative medicine. I went to a number of people for help and tried almost every alternative option. I was able to go from the wheelchair to a rollator and continued my medical and alternative treatments but things were not really improving and I was considering going back to the wheelchair.

It was at this time that I found something interesting on the internet. I asked my osteopath about it and he gave me a list of all the Feldenkrais practitioners in my area.

When I first went to see Judith I couldn’t even sit on the chair as it was too painful. My medications had all been increased and more had been added. My 107 lbs. body now weighed 165 lbs. and I was desperate for some hope. Having gone to Judith for my Feldenkrais lessons for about eighteen months, I was able to give up my rollator, am walking on my own and have lost some weight.

The relief of pain and improvement did not happen overnight but it started right away. I was able to drop a lot of my drugs and lower the dosages of others. The pressure on my spinal chord is no longer seen on my MRI’s and my neurological symptoms have abated. I still have a long way to go but I am certainly on my way.

Feldenkrais is the only therapy that has really worked for me. The fact that it teaches my brain new ways of moving and using myself means that I am able to get results that stay with me and become integrated. I will continue to make progress and am eternally grateful to Judith for her life changing work.


Investing in Feldenkais lessons throughout my pregnancy was one of the best gifts I gave to myself and to my baby. With Judith’s guidance I was able to adapt easily to the changes that were going on in my body. I was surprised to discover that, with gentle and intelligent movement, pains and aches quickly disappeared. The lessons also helped me to deal with all of the typical fears many first time mothers experience. My journey into motherhood was a healthy and beautiful experience because of the work I did with Judith.

Jennifer Peters

My experience with Judith Dack over several years has been very positive. She keeps me moving, and confident that painful stiffness can be overcome. Feldenkrais Method® lessons are wonderful for keeping the body flexible and strong.

My peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia were making my life difficult. I was helped by the functional integration sessions and by the classes. I could not be doing what I do today without Judith’s help and the Feldenkrais Method®. Judith’s caring and professional touch is an important part of her program. I number myself among many loyal clients who have been helped in their struggle to improve mobility and stamina. Uptown Studio is one of the best kept secrets in Toronto.

Virginia Edman