PilatesCan Pilates help you?

  • If you’re out of shape it develops core strength, stability and a well-tuned body.
  • If you’re active in sports or dance, it refines coordination and balance, creating a longer, leaner body.

“After a class with Judith, I don’t hurt and I feel stronger and more relaxed. I love it, and will never go back to the gym again.”
Heather Campbell, Client

“Pilates has enjoyed an explosion of popularity. Its success is based on the positive experiences of the people who have benefited from Pilates first-hand. Gone were their backaches, sore necks and strained muscles – Pilates had re-educated their bodies to work in a way sympathetic to their anatomy.

The fundamental principle that underpins all Pilates exercises is core stabilization. It is a collection of exercises that focus on the torso and builds inner muscular strength. This group of muscles then gives stability to move the limbs efficiently and safely. To gain the most benefit from Pilates, it is essential to instill the principles of core stabilization in your mind and body.

Thought is the key; every movement in Pilates is deliberate and demands concentration. This act of will fuses mind and body and gives the feeling of well being characteristic of regular Pilates. If you keep yourself strong and flexible and you are aware of your body through your experience of Pilates, you will be less likely to suffer injuries and postural problems, and if you do, you will recover more quickly. Regular practice is essential because the truth about the quick fix is that it just doesn’t exist. Real and lasting change happens over time.”

(Excerpts from Trevor Blount “Pilates System” 2001)