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Lots of wonderful things happening at the studio. It is my privilege to share these stories with you.
Hope to see you soon.Down Syndrome Workshop
The Down Syndrome Association of Toronto (DSAT) asked me to come and speak for their educational series in January 2014.  This invitation was a result of me working with a child with Down Syndrome over the course of 6 months.  The child’s parents testimonial is below.Changes and Transformations Spotlight
Judith sees a lot of clients and yet she remembers every small detail in Tyler’s growth and development and tailors each session towards his needs. At 5 months of age, our son displayed many of the characteristics commonly associated with Down Syndrome; severe hypotonia, poor posture, splayed hips, long periods of constipation, plagiocephaly, and very little command of his fine and gross motor movement. After just a handful of sessions with Judith we noticed dramatic changes in Tyler including an awareness of and ability to organize his body.  Now that his brain and self-confidence have been ignited, Tyler sees himself as a learner and active participant in the world both physically and socially. For example, at five months he would lie on the floor with very little movement. His eye contact was limited and since organizing a simple arm gesture took considerable time and thought, Tyler often gave up. Now he is sitting with amazing posture, and likes to “sing”, mimic his teachers, and pop moving bubbles during his playgroup! Other improvements include a fuller range of body use, decreased constipation and his hypotonia is barely detectable.  It is the highest complement to Judith that outside observers comment, “His Down Syndrome must be very mild”. We are so grateful to Judith for our son’s newfound confidence. We love that he sees himself as an active participant in the world.  We feel that Uptown Studio is not just a business – it is a safe and caring environment where Judith demonstrates her passion for changing the lives of children through her deep wisdom and compassion.  We are so fortunate to have found Judith – she loves our son and is giving him the opportunity to be a “Kid Beyond Limits”.We would like to thank Judith Dack for all that she does and for the impact she is having on our son and the world.11-month old Tyler’s parents

In the News

TVO recently aired a segment on The Agenda with Steve Paiken  titled “The Smarter Brain”.  There was much discussion about neuro-plasticity and the way to a healthier brain. A lot of the big players in neuro-plasticity research were together in an informal and exciting conversation. Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method were both highlighted as methods to achieve movement with awareness; a critical element in brain plasticity. Very interesting.Please follow the link below to watch the video:
What’s happening at the Studio…An Introduction to the Anat Baniel Method for Parents and Professionals
DATE:   Saturday May 24th, 2014
TIME:    1:00pm – 5:30pm
LOCATION:  527A Mt. Pleasant Rd.
Toronto ON M4S 2M4
COST:    $85 +HST
REGISTER:  416-481-2381
http:// www.uptownstudio.caGROUP CLASSES
Winter Session Group Classes
end date revision
Tuesday April 1st @ 6:30 and
Wednesday April 2nd @ 12:00pm

will be the final classes offered for the Winter session of Group Classes at Uptown Studio.Spring/Summer Session of Group Classes
DATES: April 29th – June 4th, 2014
6 weeks $150.00 HST included
Prices are for one group class per
week, either
Tues evenings at 6:30pm
or Wednesday’s at 12 noon.
Drop in Class price:
$25.00 + HST ($28.25)Judith will be working in Vancouver
April 8th – April 23rd, 2014Judith will be working in Denmark
June 10th – 21st, 2014First Aid Course
There will be a First Aid course offered by the Canadian Red Cross through the Atlantis Aquatic Centre at Uptown Studio
Date: Friday March 21st  to
Sunday March 23rd
Phone: 416-964-3966
E-mail: swim@atlantisaquatics.caImportant Announcement
As of the week ending March 14th, Michelle will be leaving the studio to pursue her passion as a full time elementary school teacher.  We congratulate Michelle and wish her every happiness and success in her new role.  Thank you Michelle for your significant contributions to things such as this newsletter during your time here.
When you call the studio as of Monday March 17th, Jill will be the new voice on the phone.  Jill has accepted the challenge of coming to this very busy practice.  There will be a significant learning curve as there are many families and many details that will take Jill time to get to know. Please understand that she will do all she can to get up to speed as quickly as possible.  Your understanding will be greatly appreciated.  Welcome Jill!In the Studio, On the Table
More copies of Anat’s latest book, “Kids Beyond Limits”, have been ordered and will be available soon in the studio at a very reasonable price of $25 each. Consider providing this book to family, caregivers and others who have exposure to your child.  They may be curious about the method and you can use the book as an education to help them align their approach to your child with the efforts being made through Judith’s lessons.

There is also a selection of Anat’s instructional videos and CD for purchase as various prices.

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