Uptown Studio is Canada’s only Anat Baniel Method (ABM) center for children also offering Feldenkrais and Pilates.  Uptown Studio is owned and operated by Judith Dack, Canada’s most experienced ABM practitioner, a long-standing Feldenkrais practitioner, and a former professional dancer. Uptown Studio has been in operation since 1990 and has been providing life-changing solutions for people from around the world through improved self-awareness and function. UPCOMING WORKSHOP: TBA “Judith did a wonderful job in allowing us, as parents, to feel what it is like for our daughter to experience an Anat Baniel Therapy Session. We were more aware of our bodies and posture after doing the workshop. It was a great supplement to all of the theory behind the method”
– Shannon Sutton (Rachel’s Mom)The first installment of my Transforming The Lives Of Children with Special Needs workshop was a huge success. We filled the new room with people who left more aware, and more present. Now, I’m doing our second installment of the workshop that will take the basics we learned, further, than before.
I’m really excited to do this and I hope you’ll join me in the spring. If you are interested, please contact me to receive updates as they develop!MEET ANNA

Anna is 4 years old and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  Her parents Signe, a psychologist, and Johannes, an artist, marketing whiz, and new graduate of ABM and her little sister Mathilde, live in a small town 20 minutes outside of Copenhagen called Fredensborg, where the Queen resides during the summer in her beautiful palace.While researching help for Anna, they came across the Anat Baniel Method and flew to California to explore its possibilities. They were impressed with the outcomes as Anna began to roll onto her belly unassisted, lift her head and reach for a toy, and commando crawl – movements she was not able to do before the lessons. It became obvious that Anna was learning: learning to feel not only the elements of the movements, but also herself doing those movements. With this increased self-awareness, and the gentle, hands-on approach that had proven to be so effective for Anna, Signe and Johannes knew they had to find a way to bring this work to Denmark.And so with their love and commitment to providing the best possible opportunities for Anna’s growth and development, they have created the Scandinavian Centre of Neuro Movement which provides ABM lessons and workshops for children and families throughout Scandinavia and Europe.As the only Canadian practitioner invited to participate I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful center. I look forward to my third trip to the center this October and being a part of the wonderful transformations occurring with the children across the sea and bringing back many more stories to share.


In the spring of 2012 I began a satellite practice in Vancouver so children on the west coast could experience the power and possibility of ABM.  I’ve fallen in love with the children and families there and have been going every quarter since.  I am excited to continue my partnership and practice with the children and families in Vancouver and will be teaching there once again in 2016. I’ll be giving lessons, there, in the first two weeks of January, so please contact us if you are interested in any lessons.


In this season of change, I look forward to continuing our explorations of the brain-body connection, and the new possibilities that emerge as a result.

Hooray for our plastic brains.

See you soon.

Judith Dack

What’s happening at the Studio…

Winter/Spring Session Of Group classes will be held January 19th – April 5th
Tues 6:30pm & Wed 12:00pm

12 weeks $300.00 HST included
(Prices are for one group class per week.)

Drop in Class $25.00 (includes HST)

We would love to see you.
You can join us at any time.


An Introduction to the Anat Baniel Method for Parents and Professionals

LOCATION:  527A Mt. Pleasant Rd. Toronto ON M4S 2M4
COST:   $150+HST
REGISTER:  416-481-2381

Scandinavian Center of Neuro Movement

Judith teaches in Denmark various times throughout the year.

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Anat Baniel Books

There are still a few copies of Anat’s books “Move Into Life” and “Kids Beyond Limits” on sale for $20 each.

Making Music Together

Music classes for young children are held at Uptown Studio on Saturday mornings.

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Atlantis Aquatics
“A Skill You Learn For Life”

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