Workshop Testimonials

As a parent of a special needs child I am always doing extra work and exercises at home to help my child and looking for more ways to do so. I wanted to take Judith’s workshop in order to become a better resource for my child, and I left with that and so much more.

I have taken Judith’s workshop twice and I would absolutely do it again. Each time my understanding of ABM deepens which enables me to better help my child (on so many levels- physically, emotionally, and socially).

The hands-on tools allow me to confidently do exercises at home and my son loves it- he even asks for it.

Being able to experience what my child feels during and after a lesson was incredibly valuable, not to mention connecting with other parents in the community.

Judith opened me up to ABM and the Nine Essentials, and the influence it has on my son. Her workshops are educational, effective, and inspiring.

— Angela Demeester

I’ve read the book, and my son Luca has been having lessons with Judith for a couple of years now. I’ve seen all positive changes in him.

Intellectually, I could explain it to myself, but to actually feel it, added another dimension and confirmed that what we’ve been doing for Luka all these years is the right way to go.

— Aleksandar Zakonovic