Mentoring Workshops for ABMNM Practitioners


I love what I’m learning through this work and the opportunity to share my many years of experience, my discoveries and my insights through the avenue of mentorship.

For many years, I have been mentoring individual practitioners, and in 2017, I started the first Canadian Mentorship program in Toronto, and have since facilitated mentorship programs in Saskatoon and Denmark.

Everyone has reported an upgrade in their work, and loved the opportunity to share ideas with fellow colleagues, give lessons while being coached and having the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the power of TMLs and how to utilize them in every day FS practice.

This year I’m excited to announce the Mentorship Opportunities throughout Canada and Europe:

Toronto, March 7-10, 2019
Vancouver, April 26-29, 2019 and
Denmark September 13-16, 2019 (at the Scandinavian Center of Neurodevelopmental Movement with my colleague Carla Reed)

These full days will allow us to dive into the experience of our work through TMLs, FS, and group discussions.

The agenda will include discussion on:

  • Enhancing our ability to observe, sense and respond creatively to where each child is at
  • Deepening our understanding of the developmental TMLs as part of our neurobiological heritage
  • Formation of speech
  • Importance of rhythm, timing and breathing to the development of trust and connection with each child
  • Approaches to developing an effective working relationship with the parents
  • What can parents do at home to extend the impact of our lessons
  • Educating parents to become informed advocates for their children

Participants will have opportunities to watch live lessons, as well as have the opportunity to give lessons with coaching.

Prior to the workshop I will connect with you, individually, through email, to find out what topics you are interested in exploring, and what challenges you may be facing in your practice.

If you are interested in attending a mentoring workshop, please contact me, as space in each workshop is limited. I will organize the event to ensure your needs are met and interests addressed.


What past participants of Judith’s Mentoring Workshops have said:

“Watching Judith mentor while we gave lessons was so beneficial! I could see myself in each lesson and gained so many more options to move into, and work with, during my lessons going forward”

“The FS with guidance from Judith was so valuable for both the practitioner and those watching!”

“I will now be more confident in taking a leadership role during the FS with a child.”

“My lessons with children will be much richer and more potent from this mentoring. I am excited to apply what I’ve learned”

“I loved that Judith didn’t try to correct us, but rather offered us variations and new approximations to become our own style of practitioner.”

“Great Canadian-style enthusiasm – deep, profound, authentic, no pom poms. And love”

“I loved the small group size”

“I feel that watching Judith, the other mentees, and giving a lesson myself, was a seamless whole for learning”

“It was very informative watching others working with with the same child I worked with”